San Dimas Chamber of Commerce Launches New Logo

January 14, 2014

To signify the ongoing growth of the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce and its continued work towards its mission, the Chamber’s Marketing Committee has developed an updated version of the organization’s logo, with the professional design assistance of Theresa Contreras.  The motivation behind revising the logo was to standardize the organization’s graphic brand in print, online, and other marketing uses and to signify the next chapter in the organization’s 100 year history.
The new logo integrates the traditional colors of green, white, and gold, which are already familiar to those who are accustomed with the Chamber brand.  In addition to reflecting the citrus history of the region, the colors are also consistent with the brand of the City of San Dimas. 
The use of two fonts demonstrates the dynamic nature of the chamber to serve both the business and community constituencies.  The word “Commerce” appears in a different color to emphasize the Chamber’s focus on the growth of the business and professional community.  The banner in which the words “San Dimas” are encased symbolizes the forward motion with which the Chamber is moving, driven by its commitment to its core values.
To connect back to the rich history of the organization, the beloved wagon is still included in the logo, circled in the gold and green colors.
This new logo will lead the way in the new year as we continue to grow and expand our efforts to promote San Dimas and help businesses and organizations grow.  

Karen Gaffney, President/CEO
(909) 592-3818