COUSD's Royal Oak Drama Department Presents Curtains The Musical!

March 27, 2017

Royal Oak Drama Department Presents 
Curtains The Musical!
April 21-23 & 27-29 (Matinee on April 23)

A musical murder mystery from the creators of Chicago, and Cabaret. This show is filled with comedy and suspense. This tale follows the company of "Robin' Hood" as they open their musical's out of town try-out in Boston before moving to Broadway. Just as the final curtain falls, their leading lady, Jessica Cranshaw, faints to the ground. As the company debates if they should continue on with the show, Lt. Frank Cioffi shows up to inform the cast that Jessica has died, and they believe someone in the production was her murderer! Over the course of three days we see the mishaps and fumbles of opening a musical while also being under investigation for a murder. Will the murderer be caught, will the show go on, will they ever fix the final number in the show?!?! Get your tickets now to find out. ROMS shows have a history of selling out, and we are running for two weekends this year to meet the demand. April 21-23 & 27-29 (Matinee on April 23)

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Cast includes:

Lt Frank Cioffi: Jordan Anderson
Aaron: Erick Sanchez
Carmen: Amanda Kazzazi
Chris: Nic Posada
Georgia: Kaylah Copeland
Oscar: Josh Estrada
Nikki: Mailynn Flores
Bobby: Joel Enriquez
Bambi: Vivian Godinez
Randy: Roberto Saldana
Jenny: Nishita Dashpute
Sidney: Dan Hernandez
Jessica: Hannah Okerson
Daryl: Sam Sanchez
Sasha: Olivia Smith
Harv: Aaron Williams
Mona: Isabelle Orta
Detective O’Farrel: Wes Bonilla
Roberta: Scarlet Montoya

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lori Mikesell
(626) 966-8331