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Bill and Donna Hoover developed a passion for home care in 2002 when they opened their first home care business. The Hoovers are dedicated to making it possible for their clients to retain their independence and to remain in their homes as long as possible. Donna was a Registered Nurse working part time and Bill had just retired from the business world.

Unfortunately, it wasn't in time to help Bill's 95-year-old mother, who lived in Ohio thousands of miles away. She had a history of falls and it was becoming apparent that she could no longer be left alone. Bill's two brothers in Ohio decided to sell her home and put her in an assisted living facility. While it was a lovely facility, it was not home.

Mom had lived in her own home for years and it was a home she loved she had actually designed it, Donna recalled. She was crushed when she had to give it up.

At the time, the Hoovers had no idea that there were other options available for loved ones like Bill's mother. After researching home care companies, they decided to start their own. It was a perfect opportunity to combine Donna's nursing background with Bill's business experience.

Since then, the Hoovers have served hundreds of clients and families in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire. On Oct. 1, 2012, they changed the name of their company to Care4You.

We love what we do helping people live their lives at home in peace, dignity, and privacy, Donna said.


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